Life in America is all about Power. But not the power we typically think of when we hear the word “Power”. Believe it or not life in America is not about Black Power, White Power or even Power to the People. It’s all about “Buying Power”, occasionally known as “Green Power”. 

As technology has invaded our daily lives we now recognize the extraordinary invisible Power of Credit. The ability to possess, control and manage credit is not simply applauded, but it is admired and rewarded.



The amazing truth about credit

People in America are no longer judged simply on the basis of outward appearance, but people are quarantined or allowed to roam free based on the score attributed to their “Buying Power” also known as credit score.

What is the difference between a great score and a poor score?

  • 600 or lower vs a 720 or higher

  • A 750 sq ft apartment vs a 2,000 sq Ft home

  • $1400 monthly rent vs a $1,073 monthly mortgage payment

  • A used Chevy Malibu vs a brand new Audi A8

At Rapid Check Credit we can help get you back on the right track by connecting you to proven industry leaders in credit resolution and restoration techniques. Imagine a life where you are empowered with information and strategies to take control of your finances and your economic destiny.

Sick and tired of being denied?

If you are sick and tired of being denied, minimized, ignored, overlooked and disregarded because of the limitations of your current buying power, allow us to be your link to systematic restoration. Once you receive the coaching and guidance of an experienced mentor your results will amaze you.

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Everything starts with enrollment.

We have a Proven Process

There is a one-time activation fee of $99.00 and a monthly fee of $89.00 as long as you are enrolled in the platform. Everything happens as follows:

Upon initial enrollment and payment of activation fee you are provided with a username and password to access your online portal. You are then contacted by a Rapid Check Representative to assist you in activating your service which includes showing you how to “soft-pull” your current credit reports.

Automatically, as you are executing that request, letters of dispute are being printed that will enable you to challenge any and all inaccurate, derogatory, obsolete and incorrect data on your three credit reports, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. This first step starts your process of reclaiming your good name, restoring and rebuilding your buying power.

While waiting to receive you’re your first update from the 3 bureaus you are encouraged to review the other credit building and credit protection services that are included in your membership. The key to sustained financial success is education.

You will have at your fingertips:

  • A credit monitoring tool
  • Identity-theft protection tool
  • Debt elimination tool
  • A real-time budgeting tool

These are only a few of many additional tools that are automatically included in your membership.

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